Dogwood State Bank Rebrand FAQ

Sound Bank/Dogwood State Bank Rebrand

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning September 30 and extending through October and November, Sound Bank will slowly be rebranded to Dogwood State Bank. There is no direct impact to customers, only a new name and logo!!

  • Who is Dogwood State Bank?

    Dogwood State Bank is the new name for Sound Bank representing the organization’s plan to become a premier community bank for the state of North Carolina.

    • The leadership team has been in place and has been managing the organization since May.
    • The official headquarters have transitioned to Raleigh as part of the rebrand efforts.
    • Dogwood State Bank has 4 offices across North Carolina (Morehead City, Greenville, Wilmington, and Raleigh) with plans to open a Charlotte location later this year.
    • Dogwood State Bank is not affiliated with West Town Bank & Trust.
    • Dogwood State Bank completed a $100 million capital raise earlier this year giving us one of the strongest capital positions of any bank in the country. We are operating from a significant position of strength with roughly $325 million in total assets.
  • Who is the leadership team of Dogwood State Bank?

    The leadership team of Dogwood State Bank remains the same leadership team that has been in place since the recapitalization of Sound Bank on May 6. The executive team consists of:

    • Steve Jones as CEO
    • Greg Heaton as President
    • Natasha Austin as Chief Administrative Officer
    • David Therit as Chief Financial Officer
    • Mike Johnson as Chief Credit Officer
    • Chris Kwiatkowski as President of Government Guaranteed Lending
  • What changes can I expect?
    • There are no changes to the way you do your banking other than the change of name and logo!
    • We continue to look for ways to enhance your banking experience and will introduce those upgrades over time. As for now, just the name and logo are changing
  • What is the timing of the rebrand?
    • The official date of rebrand is September 30, however, many items will transition throughout October and November.
    • During the week of September 30, you will notice the new name and logo within online banking, materials in the branch, employee emails, and on your statements.
      • If you order new checks and debit cards, those will be mailed to you with the Dogwood State Bank name and logo.
    • Throughout October and November, additional changes will take shape including – Signage changes in late October, Mobile Banking rebrand, updated website, credit cards, merchant services, and additional in branch items.
  • Why are you changing the name?
    • The change from Sound Bank to Dogwood State Bank represents our commitment to the entire state of North Carolina. We are extending our presence and want to reflect that in our name.
    • We continue to value and appreciate the history behind Sound Bank and are committed to enhancing the banking experience in our Eastern North Carolina markets.
  • Will my account number change?
    • No! There are no changes to accounts with the rebrand – just the name and logo of the organization!
  • Can I use my Sound Bank debit card?
    • Absolutely! You may continue to use your Sound Bank debit card until it expires. Once it expires, we will send you a new debit card with the Dogwood State Bank brand.
  • Can I use my Sound Bank checks?
    • Absolutely! You may continue to use your Sound Bank checks until you run out. When you place a new order, your new supply will be branded with Dogwood State Bank.
  • Will my branch close as part of this rebrand?
    • No! We are committed to our Sound Bank markets and are excited about introducing new markets into our organization.
    • We now have an office in Raleigh and look forward to opening our Charlotte office this year!